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  • Sense & Change

    Sense & Change

    Strategy & Organization advisers. Weekly newsletter: http://forbetterorgs.com/. Medium writing is a way to better understand what we’re learning.

  • Devon Price

    Devon Price

    He/Him or It/Its. Social Psychologist & Author of LAZINESS DOES NOT EXIST and UNMASKING AUTISM. Links to buy: https://linktr.ee/drdevonprice

  • Tiffani Ashley Bell

    Tiffani Ashley Bell

    Founder & Executive Director at The @HumanUtility. @HowardU @ycombinator alumna. HKS Fellow. Investor. In 2021, at @StanfordGSB. Water is a human right.

  • John Mortimer

    John Mortimer

    a real public sector service design blog. https://www.improconsult.co.uk/portfolio.html

  • Tara Haelle

    Tara Haelle

    Tara Haelle is a science journalist, public speaker, and author of Vaccination Investigation and The Informed Parent. Follow her at @tarahaelle.

  • Danielle Sacks

    Danielle Sacks

    Editor-in-Chief of Marker, Medium’s publication about business. Former Executive Editor of Inc. magazine and Senior Writer at Fast Company magazine.

  • Donald M. Rattner, Architect

    Donald M. Rattner, Architect

    Author of MY CREATIVE SPACE: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation, 48 Science-based Techniques. Get it on Amazon amzn.to/2WfABoB

  • Heidi Roizen

    Heidi Roizen

    Partner at Threshold Ventures, Stanford Educator, Board Member, Mom, dog lover.

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