• alex deve

    alex deve

    Entrepreneur & husband. CEO & Founder @ Whitetruffle, the eHarmony for talent. Easier to recruit & find a job. Love start-ups, technology, sports & food.

  • ENERGYbits


    100% spirulina - plant-based bits of food that provide energy endurance for athletics, mental focus, and a convenient healthy snack. #PoweredByBits

  • Santhosh Kumar R

    Santhosh Kumar R

  • Maryann Baumgarten

    Maryann Baumgarten

    There is a better way to work. Helping to remove the barriers blocking your greatest potential. Lead with light. http://t.co/Eyv9tkqg

  • Society of Work

    Society of Work

    A membership-­based shared office space that's creating a culture where things get done.

  • Federico Paderni

    Federico Paderni

    Bookmarking New Learnings @17Bookmark

  • Dennis Bonilla

    Dennis Bonilla

    Exec. Dean of College of Information Systems & Technology, @UOPX. Learning solutions architect & emerging tech enthusiast. All tweets are my own.

  • Shirley Scott

    Shirley Scott

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